1. Concept-Based Mathematics: Teaching for Deep Understanding February 6th - March 5th 2017

Everything you need to know about Concept-Based Mathematics

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Text: Concept-Based Mathematics: Teaching for Deep Understanding available on Amazon here

This book contains secondary math examples. Early years and primary math examples will be provided during the course.

Traditional curriculum focuses on rules and procedures with little attention paid to the conceptual relationships of mathematics—and mathematics is a language of conceptual relationships. Traditional curriculum often assumes the deep understanding of concepts, and fails to teach for transferability, or to consider context.

With the exponential growth of information and knowledge students need to move to a higher level of abstraction. We need to develop students’ ability to critically think and reason, in order to solve complex problems and create new ideas.

This four week online course will cover the concept-based curriculum design model specifically for mathematics. All content will be based on Jennifer Wathall's book "Concept Based Mathematics; Teaching for Deep Understanding in Secondary Schools". This online course can be viewed on any mobile device connected to the internet.

This online course will address the following questions:

Why is it important for students to learn conceptually?

What are the facts, processes and concepts in mathematics?

How do I craft generalizations in mathematics?

How do I craft quality guiding questions?

How do I plan units of work for concept-based mathematics curriculum?

How do I captivate and engage students? Practical strategies for creating rich learning experiences in the classroom

After this course you will be able to:

Write quality generalizations and guiding questions

Use a unit web to plan a concept based mathematics unit

Design engaging, rich and inquiry-based learning experiences for your students

Use formative assessment strategies to inform teaching and learning

Embed the use of technology effectively to enhance conceptual understanding

Potential Audience:

Early years, primary and all secondary mathematics teachers. Mathematics resources will be differentiated for K-12 teachers.

Your Instructor

Dr. Jennifer Chang-Wathall
Dr. Jennifer Chang-Wathall

Dr. Jennifer Chang-Wathall is an independent consultant, author and part time lecturer for the University of Hong Kong.

With over 25 years experience in the education field, Jennifer has worked in several international schools including South Island School, Hong Kong and The United Nations International School, New York and Island School, Hong Kong.

In the international arena she has presented workshops about concept-based mathematics and concept-based curriculum. Based on her Masters of Arts and Doctorate in Educational Technology she has also given talks about the use of instructional media and how to effectively integrate a 1:1 program into the mathematics classroom.

As a qualified International Baccalaureate workshop leader ("Mathematics, Concepts and Inquiry in the Diploma Program and Approaches to Teaching and Learning") Jennifer has delivered numerous workshops in the Asia Pacific region. Her role as a field representative for the IB Asia Pacific serves as part of the quality assurance framework. In 2014 she was invited to deliver a talk at the IB Asia Pacific Conference titled "Using Inquiry in the IB Mathematics Classroom" and in July, 2015 Jennifer she presented "Concept-Based Mathematics" at the IB Americas annual conference.

She is a certified trainer in the DISCtm behavior assessment tool and she is a certified independent consultant in "Concept Based Curriculum Design" by Dr H. Lynn Erickson. Jennifer works as a consultant helping math departments and schools transition to concept-based curriculum and instruction. She utilizes her skills as a certified Performance Coach to facilitate transition and change.

For 2014 to 2019 she will be part of the external curriculum review group for IB Diploma Mathematics based in The Hague. She has co-authored and released four student reference books for the new IB DP mathematics courses.

Her book titled "Concept-Based Mathematics: Teaching for Deep Understanding in Secondary Schools" was released in February, 2016.

For more information about Jennifer Chang-Wathall please visit:


Course Curriculum

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"I attended a workshop on Concept-Based Mathematics in Luxembourg facilitated by Jennifer Chang Wathall in January 2017. Jennifer does such a great job of addressing and allowing time for everyone's thoughts and questions, while also keeping us on track to dig into the good stuff. It was definitely a productive, worthwhile, wonderful 2 days! Thanks again for a great weekend, Jennifer! I'm looking forward to digging into all of the resources, synthesizing my notes from the weekend and sharing with my curriculum heads and math colleagues."

Laura Pitale

High School Math Teacher

American School of Warsaw

"I attended a Concept-Based Curriculum training course led by Jennifer and was really inspired by what I learned. Far too often, as teachers, we can become narrowly focused on the ‘topics’ that we are covering; with concepts there is a whole new opportunity for students to understand the ‘big ideas’ and the connections between different subjects. Jennifer skilfully guided us through how we can introduce students to a concept-based curriculum. I was really impressed with the method of writing ‘principles, generalisations’ which provide a framework for exploration. These generalisations can in fact make the focus of a lesson or series of lessons much more exciting, allowing students to break out of the constraints of a limited topic range. Ultimately, I left the course determined to try out a concepts based model with a new unit we are developing on Human Rights. With the conceptual lens, this promises to be a much more thought-provoking unit for our students."

John Edwards, Head of History Department, King George V School, Hong Kong

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on 6th February, 2017 and will run in a cohort format. The course finishes on the 5th March, 2017 where each participant who fulfills the requirements of the course will receive a certificate of participation.
What if I have changed my mind about the course?
If you have changed your mind about enrolling in this course please, contact us in the first 30 days of your purchase and we will give you a full refund.
What currency is the course fee?
The course fee in is USD.

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